Wild Child Cacao bar at Ambacht in Beeld Festival

We are preparing for a very exciting event: our first real Wild Child Cacao bar at the festival of Ambacht in Beeld!

Yes, cacao and coffee can be very good friends: the lovely crew from Kaap Koffie invited us to create our very own cacao bar at the Ambacht in Beeld festival!

The festival feels close to our heart since Ambacht in beeld will be all about craft(wo)manship! Two days full of handmade products, workshops and demonstrations from beautiful craftsmen. What a joy and honour.

Malou is crafting full time now to grind extra chocolate for the festival. It will be total new experience for us and we will share about it during the event on Instagram.

We will be serving our favorite 100% pure cacao drink and a delicious cacaocino at two different bars at the festival. Please do come and visit us, since we will be pooring and shaking ourselves all weekend! 

Wanna volunteer? We could use a extra hand so please contact us if you would like to spread some flyers, shake some chocolate and tell our story. 

More info and tickets here:
Ambacht in beeld festival
24th-25th September
NDSM-werf, AMsterdam Noord

See you there wild child! 


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