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finger licking cacao recipes and loving support TO CREATE DELICIOUS CACAO MOMENTS

start with a simple xocolatl

Heat up 60cc of water (not boiling)
Snap off 15g of cacao
mix or shake until foamy

more cacao recipes

ceremonial cacao

Shake/mix 40 grams of Wild Child cacao with 120/140ml of hot water. Add a pinch of salt and chili pepper. 

Hazelnut cacao

ceremonial cacao

Shake/mix 15g of cacao with 80ml of hot water. Add a tablespoon of hazelnut paste and a pinch of cinnamon. Optional: teaspoon of agave. 

Vegan & Sweet CHOCOLATE

Mix/shake 35g of cacao with 120/140ml of hot coconut milk. Add a tablespoon of coconut blossom sugar.

ice cacao

Mix/shake 15 of cacao with 80ml of hot water and a spoon of honey. X 6. Pour in popsiclemakers and let them freeze overnight.


setting the mood for a deeper experience.

create your own #cacaomoment

Cacao fuels your creativity. Our brand is build on it! Reducing stress, stimulating the heart, releasing PEA, anandamide and happy hormones. 

We started the Art & Cacao project t
o inspire you with good chocolate and imagery that stimulates your imagination. 

Every 500 boxes, we ask a different artist somewhere on the planet to design the front cover of our limited edtion art package while drinking a cup of Wild Child Cacao. They get full freedom to create, inspired by chocolateFind out our latest design here.