Love Story

Wild Child Cacao is founded by Malou & Eva in Amsterdam. when THEOBRO(ma)ma cacao entered their lives, EVERYthing changed. THIS IS THEIR LOVE STORY.


Malou is the craft chocolate maker of the two. Something she loves more and more every day…

“While living in Costa Rica, I picked up a cacao fruit from the side of the road and let the beans dry in my backyard. Then a friend came by and spontaneously made chocolate with them.

“Whuuuttttt?!” I thought. It opened my eyes and sparked my curiosity to learn more about cacao and chocolate.

And what better way than to dive deep and start all the way from the bean? My scientific background made me go to conferences on cacao and the worldwide (not-so sustainable) cacao sector. I did a cacao bean grading course and lots of research on how to make chocolate. Finally, I tested and played with many different types of cacao beans from all over in the world. Even though all of them are wonderful (both in flavor and history), I felt that the organic beans from the Dominican Republic were best suited for a cacao drink.

After winning the yearly Hot Chocolate Awards with these beans, I dove deeper and created the perfect roasting profile and method for a 100% ceremonial grade cacao. Every bean that goes in your cup flows through my hands and is hand cracked in a traditional metate from Mexico. After that, they are stone ground for 24h. It is a process that gets me in a meditative mood and creates a delicious, smooth, rich and luscious cacao drink.”

Eva: cacao ceremonies

Eva’s passion is to share cacao with the world. In her cacao trainings and cacao ceremonies, online and with the neighbour.

After ten years of running a successful business as a copywriter and community manager (including Tony’s Chocolonely), cacao changed the course of Eva’s life in 2017.

“To escape Dutch winter and a heartbreak, I booked a short trip to Costa Rica. Here I tasted 100% cacao for the first time. Driven by curiosity, I decided to stay and traveled across Central America for two years. Chocolate led the way. In Mexico I lost my heart and there I started my own cocao brand. I also lived in the Amazon in Peru for a while to learn more about the healing power of plants.

Back in the Netherlands I met Malou by chance. We immediately connected and had the same dream. After sharing one cup of chocolate, Wild Child Cocao was born. Without marketing strategy or starting capital. Just passion: to make the chocolate that we have always dreamed of. 

About Our Cacao

Our  cacao comes from a tropical island: The Dominican Republic. And more specifically; from the organic farmers cooperation called Öko-Caribe. This origin gives us a very different feel then other beans we have tried…. 

The cooperation is known for their high quality cacao and the farmers are very well supported. From technical training to offering loans for cacao and community needs. The farmers are paid four times the market price of cacao, which makes them able to earn a sustainable income for themselves and their families. We call it ‘honest trade’. 

They hand select the cacao and do a fantastic job at fermenting! This expertise is needed to give cacao its rich, layered and full tastebud experience. The cacao trees grow on abundant lands full of mountains and surrounded by the ocean. We love the biodiversity of the cacao farm: the trees grow between coconuts, cassava and avocado trees, which has a huge influence on the flavor.

In 2022 Malou went to visit the farmers, learn about the fermentation process and connect with the locals.  It was a true gift to get to know these lands and even plant cacao trees!





Cacao from OKO Caribe

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