Why we added 15 grams extra to our Wild Child Classic

Lucky you! Our Wild Child Classic contains a little bit of extra cacao from now on! This change is worth a blog since our packaging doesn’t tell you the truth: it is not 230, It’s 250 grams!

We are gifting you 20 grams extra from now until forever, due to a little mathematical puzzle that was apparently too hard to solve for our mold maker. And us!

As you night now, all of our bars normally exist of little pieces of 2,5 and 5 grams.  This time it was 4,5… Oopsie.. You might have not even noticed. But we did. By adding 20 grams in total, your daily cacao drink is how we think it should be again. Oh yes, nerds that we are.

Since we printed a mighty amount of boxes already, we are not planning to change our packaging soon. But now you know! 🙂

Enjoy your extra cacao!

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