What is ceremonial grade cacao?

Ceremonial grade cacao is a high-quality, consciously crafted cacao with respect for all aspects of the craft. From the tree and the environment to the farmers and the whole chocolate production process.

It is a very pure product with nothing added or removed. Just organic cacao beans and good lovin’! 😻

It is fermented, sun-dried, toasted and stone-ground cacao which contains cacao butter. These healthy fats help absorb the nutrients so you can have the most optimal experience.

Drying cacao

Ceremonial grade cacao can be used as a mindful daily drink, for your ceremony, as a substitute for coffee or blended in your superfood shake.

It is crafted to support you in all your daily and creative activities, as cacao has many positive health benefits on body, mind and spirit.  

Our cacao comes from an organic cooperation in the Dominican Republic. They are known for their high-quality ‘fine flavor cacao‘ and farmers receive 4 times more then the market price.

Our intention is to make potent ceremonial grade cacao that tickles your body, mind, heart AND tastebuds. 

Malou, our artisinal chocolatemaker: “Every production is a ceremony in itself. Crafting this cacao needs my full presence and focus throughout the whole process.”

Curious? Try our ceremonial grade cacao here:

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